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Hi Guys,

How the heck have you been keepn?

You’re HERE, then it is, to me anyways, preeeetttyyy darn obvious that you are thinking about making some cash on the web, whether it’s as a part time business or as a main money source to kill that job.

That’s where I was not too long ago. It was the 15th of Feb 2015 to be precise.

I had seen of ordinary everyday guys and girls getting some easy income online and thought… damn! my job is crap, my prospects were not looking too fab and I needed a much better life for my kiddies and me, so I had better get my a** in gear do something about how things were……….. ASAP.

So I leaped into the mmo market, whilst still employed by the man, and soon found myself immersed in the web of make money online.

In nature scavengers gather around the vulnerable!

The Internet marketing world is no different lol

Every one of the buzzards eagerly waiting to swoop down on the latest bright eyed and bushy tailed beginner, e.g., me lol.

Swoop they did!

So soon after buying numerous shiny objects and training (that did not deliver on promises), I realized that I needed seriously to step right back and consider just what it absolutely was that I exactly needed to accomplish and when I wanted to accomplish that by….an end goal.

I wasn’t usually not a guy for setting obvious targets as I feel that they can put too much stress in to a situation particularly when you do not know the landscape that you pretty soon will be working, in this case, make money online.

It’s a bit like simply stating I need more money, more success, more popularity, yakety yak, yakety yak, without stating HOW this was going to happen.

Without some guru sourcerer or a $$ atracting spell I needed more than just day dreaming. That has not worked for me in the past and just wasn’t gonna work now.


I had a need to define what the heck this goal was going be and how I was going to get from where I was now to where I wanted to be….

I needed to get from X by Y to get Z

Seemed a bit vague to me ;-), but keep with me here and I will describe how this small method helped me gain a clear focus, build a map, to get my hands on skill set and resources needed in order that I really could achieve my goal.

Did I get the outcome I wanted?

That’s Affirmative soldier.

My initial goal was to become an Amazon associate and make a residual $150+ a month within 3 months. Done 🙂

My next aim was to earn a residual $350+ monthly with Amazon within 6 months. Done 🙂

My next target was to generate a passive $700+ a month with Amazon within 1 year. Ticked that off 🙂

Not very stretching objectives you might say lol?

I totally agree lol and these were made to permit me to realize a income stream, to keep me determined and also to earn whilst still learning as time and commitments allowed.

Intensity level dialled in at 60 instead of 120.

Results come in, learning is easy.

Method in my madness? Of course 😉

Makes Sense?


Here is something I realized in the early stages of my internet marketing journey….

And it’s something I feel is really important to share…

The promises of immediate riches with no developing your abilities, rolling up your sleeves, testing outcomes and just click an icon are there simply to syphon $$ from beginners and line the pockets of BS artists.

Bad Karma baby!!!

Listen up guys, there’s lots of $$ too be made on the internet, and all it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.

That’s all 😉

Come, you can do this, let’s make some of the money NOW!

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