5 Searingly Brutal Truths About Life And Business That No One Admits

Simple and honest truths about life and business.

Take notes and transfer these brutal truths into your business and watch your business boom and profits soar.

Ouch, some of these truths go right to the bone, but we need to hear them if we are to succeed in our lives and online business.

Buckle down for a bumpy, but 100% legit insight into the mind of a highly successful online entrepreneur…

As always let me know what you think and what you can apply from the knowledge shared in this video.

Here is the deal guys and girls…

It’s easy yammering about internet marketing, but, you know most people don’t come up with a single dime online.

I’ve got lots of web friends which are doing pretty damn good and I also had lots of internet marketing friends who haven’t made a cent online.

So what’s the main difference between the winners and the “Z” grade successful?

Ongoing motivation IMHO

But, there’s an issue…

For most of us motivation needs to be fed and the best way that you can feed this little mental cutie is to give it some tangible successes.

Little bite sized wins

Manageable projects

Quick outcomes

The simplest way to get this motivational sustenance is to take action by pursuing a set path that has virtually guaranteed results.

Not sure? Consider this for a minute…

When you have learnt a new skill you will have started off with some standardized steps and routines to get fast tangible results that allowed you to move from no skills to a base range of abilities…but these subsequently gave you confidence to move forwards and continue building on these skills until you became comfortable with your new skills.

Internet marketing is no different…

You would like fast and tangible positive aspects in order to stay the course

This is why I always recommend that newcomers start of with a basic plan to earn between $10-$100 a day.

Why the big range in Dollar target value?

Because everyone is starting from different skill level and with a variety of time commitments.

You might have only 30 minutes a day that you can devote to earn money online, whilst another person may have all day available.

So, all things being the same, the more time you can devote to receiving your online projects up and running typically the quicker you will earn your daily income goals.

Make sense? Cool!

So here’s what we need to do;

  • Go thru this websites $100 a day videos
  • Opt for a method that makes sense to you
  • Devote your time and resources to this one method for 30 days
  • Earn your success

Repeat over again until you have the income you want or just fancy trying something new (you will realize that virtually all of the methods I recommend are set and forget methods. Once setup they will continue to bring in moolah monthly without any extra effort apart from the infrequent update)
Go earn some money people 🙂


How the heck are you keepn?

Glad you are here and the fact that You’re HERE, then it’s a, to me anyways, pretty darn clear hint that you’re eyeing up your chances of making some moolah on t’internet, whether it’s as a side business or as defacto income source to bin that job.

That is where I I found myself not too long ago.

It was the 15th of February 2015 to be ,if we are going to be precise, exactly.

I’d heard of ordinary, of everyday guys and girls making seemingly easy moolah online and thought to myself

well my career (if you could call it that) sucks, my prospects weren’t looking too fab and I wanted a much better life for my kids and me, so, it was down to me, so I’d better do something about how things were……….. PDQ.

without thinking too much I jumped in to the fray, whilst still doing work for the man, and soon found myself lost in the web of internet marketing.

In the natural world buzzards gather around the vulnerable!

The Internet marketing world is no different lol

Every one of the buzzards just waiting to swoop down on the latest bright eyed and bushy tailed newcomer, e.g., me lol.

And swoop they did!

So after investing in(sic) numerous glistening shiny objects and memberships (that did not deliver on their promise), I realized that I had a need to step back and consider what it absolutely was that I precisely wanted to achieve and when I wanted to achieve that by….a goal.

I wasn’t normally a person for setting obvious goals as personally i think that they’ll add too much stress into a situation particularly when you don’t know the terrain in which you will soon be working, in this case, mmo.

It’s like simply stating I want more income, more success, more reputation, yakety yak, yakety yak, without stating HOW this is going to happen.

Without some guru sourcerer or a wish or two from my fairy Godmother I needed more than just day dreaming. That has not worked for me in the past and wasn’t going to work now.


I needed to determine what the heck this aim was gonna be and how I was gonna to make it happen….
I needed a plan

Seemed a bit open to me ;-), but keep with me here and I’ll describe how this small method served me gain a clear focus, develop a plan, to get my hands on skill set and tools needed so that I really could reach my end goal.

Was I successful?


My preliminary goal was to become an Amazon associate and generate a passive $150+ a month within 3 months. Done 🙂

My next aim was to generate a residual $350+ monthly with Amazon within 6 months. Done 🙂

My next goal was to make a passive $700+ a month with Amazon within 1 year. Ticked that off 🙂

Not too stretching goals you might say lol?

I whole heartedly agree and these were designed to permit me to acheive a revenue flow, to help me to remain determined and also to earn $$ while still skilling up as time and commitments allowed.

Pressure level dialled in at 60 instead of 120.

Results come in, learning is easy.

Method in my madness? Absolutely

Cool huh?

Here’s one thing I discovered really quickly of my make money online journey….

And it’s something I feel is really important to share…

The promises of instant income without any up skilling, rolling up your sleeves, monitoring outcomes and only push a mouse exist simply to suck $$ from newbies and fill the bank accounts of BS artists.

Bad Karma Baby!!!

Listen people, there’s tons of money too be made on the internet, and all it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.

That’s all 😉

Come on, you got this, lets make some of ready’s NOW!


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