Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online Fast?

So are there Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2017?

The definitive answer to this question is “Yes”.


To properly answer the question lets breakdown the questions key phrases.

So “Are there legitimate ways to make money online?” breakdown;

  • Legitimate = Lawful, reasonable and fair. This keeps us and our consumers safe and creates win-win situations which are essential for long-term relationships, and that is where the money is. Not in the first sale, but the next sale and the next and the next……rinse and repeat (CLV)! I will be talking about customer lifetime value (CLV) and how to create great on-going profit streams from this key strategy in a later post.
  • Make = To create or produce something. This is where we add value and is our key reason for being online! Forget about turning a dollar and think about your consumer.
    • How are you creating value for your them?
    • Do you know who your consumers are?
    • What problems do they face?
    • What solution are you providing?
  • Money = Is a medium of exchange. “Yeah? thanks for that statement of the obvious Sherlock”! Obvious….. is it? Yes money is a medium of exchange, but that exchange must be balanced and equal or the deal is not optimized and that is no good for anyone!

So, in returning to the question, “Are there legitimate ways to make money online”?

Yes, but we need to bare in mind the 3 above points and transform the question into…

“Are there any lawful, reasonable and fair ways to create or produce something where the exchange of consumer money for my offer is balanced and equal?”

Use our transformed question to evaluate any offers you come across, any offers you have recently taken up and, critically, any offers you create.

When you take an opportunity or promote or create an offer that answers “Yes” to our transformed question you will have found a truly legitimate way to make money online 🙂

Any way got to run

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil 🙂


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