Can I Earn Money Online From Home? Yes, But Set A Budget!


When I launched my journey on I had a burning question that I wanted answered….. “Can I earn money online from home…fast lol”?

I got my answer, but answering this question did not come without investment!

That investment for me was primarily time, rather than money as I didn’t have much to spare $$$ back then.

And when I think about it no business is able to be started without some form of investment!

Whether it’s time or money, something needs to be put in for something to come out.

Does that make sense?

Unless you have a fairy godmother, a magic wand, a nano “print me anything, from nothing” machine or superhuman wizard like powers.

You are stuck……….like me………… this real world………… of transformations……………

We take something, do something with it and make something new, or different, or better, or worse lol.

We make transformations!

I wrote a review post today that transformed 2.5 hours (my time budget) into a unique and useful information resource for anyone with internet access to use.

The writing style, info used and technology deployed is designed to form a meaningful partnership between me and my target audience.

I hope the result of this transformation process will eventually lead to a satisfied information seeker and a commission payment into my bank (my $$$ budget source).

It’s not all beer and skittles tho with this transformation process…..

I am transforming my waistline into an expanded waistline by eating 6 slices Pizza and watching TV.

Not the most positive of transformation processes, but a transformation nevertheless.

Anyway the take away is that we need some form of investment…we need to transform something and we need to budget our investments in order that they support our wants and needs.

I am taking my time and skills (such as they are) and investing them in writing this post….I am transforming these assets into something that didn’t exist 20 minutes ago.

I am sitting here in bed at 11:41pm typing away and will carry on typing until 11:59pm.

I have set a time budget for tonight.

I have a time budget set for the rest of the week and I also have a time and cash budget for the coming week, month and year.

Why set a budget for your online business?

Because if you don’t you will have no idea of where your time and money are being spent and you will find it very difficult to actually move forward in an organized manner.

Very important if you are serious about this making money online thing!

So til next time,

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil :-)

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