Focus and Self Motivational Tips – The Belief Factor


Here’s a quick post of Focus and Self Motivational Tips and Techniques that have helped me remain motivated and focused during my journey to become a successful Internet Marketer.


  • ​Internet marketing is like learning to walk. You might fall down, you might make mistakes and you might need some help finding your feet, but eventually you will learn to walk.​ We’ve all done and we can, metaphorically, do it again. Don’t give up!
  • To misquote a famous spiritual leader “Internet Marketing is hard and once you accept that it becomes easy”.​ Take action, make mistakes, learn from them, improve, make money. Rinse and repeat.

Techniques to try for the coming week. Only for the open minded. Are you open  minded? If not learning new skills will be difficult and you are going to struggle!

  • ​Imagine that you have got the success you want from Internet Marketing. How does this make you feel? How will you behave differently? Will you be more generous? Will you be more patient? Will you be a better Mom, Dad, Partner etc? Will you be more confident in yourself and your abilities? Will you Have more freedom in terms of choice, time, location, working hours etc? Will you be more financially stable and secure? What will success mean to you on a personal, everyday basis? Write down a list of 7 things that will be different and then take a 7 minute break from what you are doing and visualize yourself at this level of success. Copy this list and place copies in 7 places were you will see it on a regular basis throughout the day.​
  • Walk and talk in a successful way 🙂 ((however you perceive this) I know, I know, but it does work!) for 5 minutes. Science has discovered that this exercise actually promotes self confidence and motivation. Try changing your perceived successful behavior patterns so that you have an expanded choice of behaviors to suit different circumstances.​
  • Be grateful for all that you have, even the tiniest little things, and be grateful for having the great things that you are working towards. You have a golden opportunity! At the end of each day, just before going to bed write yourself a note, send yourself an email or text message about what was good about your day. Try to list 7 things and then read them when you wake up the following day.​ They don’t need to be earth shatteringly good, but just things to be thankful for. These are treasures! I was broke, very ill, deep in depression and alcohol dependency, shunned by family and friends, had no job, no money, no car, no self belief, no confidence. But I still had hope that things could and would get better. This technique and a sense of gratitude got me through. What was I grateful for? For being alive, for having the use of my faculties, for knowing that tomorrow doesn’t need to be the same as today, for knowing there was someone out there for me, for living in a country where law and order help to protect it’s citizens, for having a library with internet access for free in my city and for my optimism.
  • Set a goal of at least 5 new things to learn about Internet Marketing each day and mind map these at the end of each working day. Build you own mind map library. You never know this may become a best selling ebook in the future.

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil 🙂

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