Welcome To Your Free Affiliate Marketing Video Training…Learn, Apply And Earn

This is a simple approach to earning money online for free.

The only investment you need is time.


Don’t over think things, if you get stuck then just drop me a line and I will try my best to help.


This training is stripped to the bare bones and contains only the essentials needed to get up and running and earning ASAP.


No flash graphics, no adverts, no pop ups, pop unders etc…The fancy stuff can come later when your affiliate commissions are coming in.


Try not to get distracted!


Work through the videos and apply the training (I find it best to go thru and apply training step by step, rather than go thru once and then actually starting to apply what I have learnt)


Anyway, here we go...


Step 1…Chose your niche and affiliate network


Conventional wisdom will tell you to chose something you are passionate about, but this, imo, maybe misleading.


If your passion is beer mats of the world circa 1940’s then you may have a burning interest in this, but will this interest have a large enough target market with the desire to spend money to sustain your online business?


Instead I would suggest finding something that is current and you find interesting.


You don’t need to be an expert…


A genuine interest with be more than enough to get your first income stream up and running.


As an example my partner is interested in having our kids wear trendy, but non mainstream clothes that she can buy at an affordable price.


Just something she likes to do


One of the sites she often gets “stuff” for the kids was Aliexpress.


Great range of clothes, fast shipping and great prices.


She is now an affiliate for Aliexpress and simply adds item she finds on Aliexpress to her site.


She then shares pics of our kids wearing these clothes and provides a link to Aliexpress.


That’s it, that’s all she does!


And makes money 24/7/365 from her interest.


  • No customers to deal with
  • No stock to deal with
  • No payment systems to deal with
  • No shipping to deal with
  • And no p*ssed off customers who realise they’ve been ripped off as is often the case with drop shipping.
  • Just a clean, no investment, reliable business she can be proud of running…in about 30 mins a day if she is feeling productive lol



Is my partner an expert in clothes design?


No, she just is a Mom buying nice stuff for her kids and helping other Moms to find nice, affordable clothes for their kids.


But she makes money whilst on auto pilot while she enjoys her life. Whether she is on holiday, at the beach, sleeping or whatever.


All of this from a small range of digital assets that took her less than a day to setup!


She used several of the videos I am sharing here to set up her business and she really doesn’t like technology, but she followed the training and took action and gets results…daily.



Choose your niche (It’s easy and fun)


(10 min watch time, 30 mins to complete)


Chose your affiliate network.

Check out these recommended resources;

  • Amazon (choose a specific region, normally your home country as long as Amazon operates there)
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale
  • Aliexpress

If these don’t give you suitable partners then simply type your niche affiliate program into google e.g. dog clothing affiliate program and you will find a huge range of affiliate partners.


Step 2…Create your free website (Don’t worry it’s very easy)


(10 min watch time, 30 mins to build)


Next…Create your Free FaceBook Fanpage

(15 min watch time, 40 mins to build)


Now…Create your Free Instagram account


(3 min watch time, 5 mins to build)


Next up…create your Free Twitter account


(30 min watch time, 45 mins to build)


Congratulations, now you have your niche chosen and your digital asset base built.

Well done, the vast majority of people will not get this far.

You are already ahead of the game.


Step 3…Drive traffic to your affiliate links

Here we have two options;


  • free
  • paid


Both have there pro’s and cons, but we will be focusing solely on free traffic.


Below is an outline of the top 10 free sources of traffic for your online business. I don’t use them all, but if you think any of the additional traffic sources are appropriate for your niche then build them in as and when you can.



(8 min watch time, 30 mins to complete)


And that’s affiliate marketing covered in a nutshell.


With these video resources you have all you need to get up and running and earning asap.


Please let me know how you get on.


To your future success




Ps This page is regularly update and content will change on a regular basis


Pps If you need any help or advice then just drop me a line at [email protected]