How to Make $100-$200/Day Online w/ “Whiteboard Video Method” (ZERO Grunt Work)

Dan Brock takes us by the hand to make $100-$200 a day.

Easy “No need to even show up” YouTube technique.

Another killer method without the need to even sell anything in order to make the golden $100 a day.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy….What do you think guys?

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Here is the straight up truth people…

It’s easy beating our lips together about internet marketing, but, you know most people don’t generate a single dime online.

I’ve got tons of web amigos that happen to be doing pretty good and I likewise had lots of internet marketing friends who haven’t made anything at all online.

So what’s the main difference between the “A” stars and the significantly less successful?

Ongoing motivation IMO

However, here’s the rub…

For many people motivation needs to be fed and the best way that people can feed this specific little mental cutie is to give it some tangible successes.

Little bite sized wins

Manageable jobs

Quick outcomes

The quickest way to provide motivational food is to take action by carrying out a set raodmap that has pretty much guaranteed results.

Not sold? Consider this for a minute…

When you have learnt a new skill you will have started off with some fundamental steps and routines to get some quick tangible results that will have allowed you to move through from no skills to a limited range of abilities…but these then gave you confidence to move onwards and upwards to and continue building upon this skill base until you became comfortable with your new skills.

Making money online is no different…

You require fast and tangible solutions in order to stay the course

This is why I always recommend that newbies start of with a straightforward plan to earn between $10-$100 a day.

Why the big range in Dollar target value?

Because everyone is starting from different skill level and with a variety of time commitments.

You might have only 30 minutes a day that you can invest to earn money online, while another person may have all day available.

So, all things being similar, the more time you can devote to having your online projects up and running often the quicker you will earn your daily income goals.

Make sense? Excellent!

So here’s what we need to do;

  • Go thru my websites $100 a day videos
  • Opt for a method that makes sense to you
  • Devote your time and resources to this one method for the next 30 days
  • Earn your victories

Repeat over again until you have the passive income stream you need or just fancy swapping to something new (you will realize that virtually all of the methods I like to recommend are set and forget methods. Once setup they are going to continue to bring in cash month after month without any additional input apart from the unexpected update)

Go earn some money people 🙂

That being said…

How the heck are you keepn?

Glad you are here and the fact that You’re HERE, then it is a, to me anyways, pretty clear as day hint that you are interested in making some cash on the web, whether it’s as spare time hustle or as a main revenue source to bin that job.

That is where I I found myself not very long ago.

It was the 15th of Feb 2015 to be precise.

I had seen of people getting some easy money on line and had one of those moments…

well my job sucks, my prospects weren’t eactly looking too bleedin great (sorry, I’m a Brit) and I desperately needed a much better life for my wife and kiddies and me, so I’d better get my a** in gear do something about the way life was……….. pretty damned quick.

without thinking too much I leaped in to the mmo, while still working for the man, and quickly found myself immersed in the labyrinth of web marketing.

In the natural world preditors gather around the vulnerable!

The make money online arena is no different lol

All the predators eagerly waiting to swoop down on the new shiny beginner, e.g., me lol.

And swoop they did!

So after getting numerous bright, shiny objects and courses (that did not make good on the promise), I realized that I needed to step back and think about what it absolutely was that I exactly wanted to reach and when I wanted to achieve that by….an end goal.

I wasn’t usually not a guy for setting obvious objectives as personally i think that they can add an excessive amount of pressure into a situation particularly when you do not know the landscape in which you are going to be working, in this case, internet marketing.

It’s a little like saying I need additional money, more success, more acceptance, yakety yak, yakety yak, without having a clue HOW this was going to happen.

Without some guru sourcerer or a magic spell I needed more than just wishful thinking. That has never worked for me in the past and was not going to work now.


I had a need to define exactly what the heck this purpose was gonna be and how I was gonna to get from where I was now to where I wanted to be….

I needed to get from X by Y to get Z

Seemed a bit vague if you ask me (I know you didn’t!) ;-), but keep with me here and I’ll describe how this small X by Y to get to Z served me get a clear focus, build a map, to get hold of the training and tools needed in order that I could reach my goal.

So, did my cunning plan work?

Yes, my little delicate snowflake…

My initial goal was to become an Amazon affiliate and generate a residual $150+ a month within 3 months. Ticked that off 🙂

My next goal was to make a passive $350+ per month with Amazon within 6 months. Ticked that off 🙂

My next target was to generate a passive $700+ per month with Amazon within 1 year. Ticked that off 🙂

Not too stretching targets you may say lol?

I whole heartedly agree and they were designed to let me realize a revenue flow, to keep me encouraged and also to earn $$ whilst still learning as time and life allowed.

Pressure level set to 60 opposed to one twenty.

Results come in, learning becomes easier.

Method in my madness? Of course 😉

Cool huh?

Here’s one thing I learned very quickly of my make money online journey….

And it’s something I feel is really important to share…

The promises of instant riches without up skilling, rolling up your sleeves, monitoring outcomes and just push a button exist only to suck $$ out of beginners and fill the bank accounts of BS gooroo’s.

Not Cool Guru Fool!!!

Listen people, there’s stacks of $$ too be made on the internet, and all it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.

That’s all 😉

Come on, we can do this, lets make some of ready’s NOW!