How To Make Money On YouTube – TOP 3 Ways to Make $100 PER DAY

Mike gives us the low down into monetizing your YouTube channel in 1,2,3, easy steps.

And the key thing that we need to do to get to that beautiful $100 a day passive income 🙂

Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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Here’s the straight up truth people…

It’s all fine and dandy yammering about internet marketing, but the truth is that most people don’t create a single dime online.

I’ve got lots of internet chums that are doing pretty damn good and I likewise have lots of internet marketing buddys who haven’t made a cent online.

So what’s the main difference between the successful and the “Z” grade successful?

Ongoing motivation in my humble opinion

However, there is a problem…

For many people motivation needs to be fed and the best way that you can feed this particular little mental cutie is to offer some real successes.

Bite sized wins

Manageable projects

Quick and fast outcomes

The easiest way to provide motivational snacks is to take action following a set raodmap that has virtually guaranteed results.

Not sold? Think about this for a minute…

When you have learnt a new skill you will have started off with some fundamental steps and routines to obtain quick quantifable results that will have allowed you to move through from no skills to a limited range of abilities…but these then gave you confidence to move ahead and continue building on these skills until you became totally proficient.

Internet marketing is no different…

You would like fast and tangible results in order to stay the course

This is why I always recommend that rookies start of with a basic plan to earn between $10-$100 a day.

Why the big spread in earning target value?

Because we are all starting off from different skill level and with different time commitments.

You might just have 30 minutes a day that you can invest to earn money online, while another person may have all day available.

So, all things being equal, the more time you can devote to home alarm systems online projects up and running the particular quicker you will earn your income goals.

Make sense? Cool!

So here’s what we need to do;

  • Go thru this sites $100 a day videos
  • Go with a method that makes sense to you
  • Devote your time as well as resources to this one method for the next month
  • Earn and enjoy your money

Rinse and repeat until you have the passive income stream you desire or just fancy attempting something new (you will realize that virtually all of the methods I suggest are set and forget about methods. Once setup they’ll continue to bring in cash monthly without any additional input apart from the irregular update)
Go earn some money guys 😀

That being said…

Gee Whizz, long time no see, how the heck have you been doing?

Glad you are here and the fact that You ARE HERE, then it’s a, to me anyways, pretty darn clear as day hint that you are thinking about making some cash on t’internet, whether it’s as a part time business or as number 1 money source to kill that job.

That is where I I found myself not very long ago.

It was the 15th of Feb 2015 to be ,if we are going to be precise, exactly.

I’d heard of people getting some seemingly easy income online and thought…

damn! my career (if you could call it that) sucks, my prospects were not eactly looking too great and I desperately needed a much better life style for my wife and kiddies and me, so I had better do something positive about the way life was……….. pretty damned quick.

So I leaped in to the internet marketing world, while still doing work for the man, and quickly myself immersed in the web of internet marketing.

In the natural world preditors gather around the new born!

The Internet marketing arena is no different lol

Every one of the buzzards just waiting to swoop down on the new bright eyed and bushy tailed beginner, e.g., me lol.

And swoop they did!

So soon after getting numerous shiny objects and training (that did not make good on the promise), I realized that I needed seriously to step straight back and consider what it was that I exactly needed to reach and when I wanted to achieve that by….a goal.

I wasn’t usually someone for setting obvious goals as personally i think that they can put a lot of stress into a real life situation particularly when you do not know the terrain that you will soon be working, in this case, mmo.

It’s like simply stating I’d like more money, more accomplishment, more popularity, etc, without saying HOW this was going to come about.

Without some wizard sourcerer or a $$ atracting spell I needed more than just day dreaming. That had never worked for me in the past and wasn’t going to work now.


I needed to determine exactly what the heck that aim was going be and how I was gonna to make it happen….
I needed a plan

Seemed somewhat open to me ;-), but keep with me here and I’ll describe how that small formula served me gain a clear focus, build a map, to get my hands on knowledge and tools needed in order that I possibly, no probably, could reach my goal.

So, did my cunning plan work?


My preliminary goal was to become an Amazon affiliate and make a residual $150+ a month within 3 months. Ticked that off 🙂

My next goal was to earn a passive $350+ per month with Amazon within 6 months. Done 🙂

My next aim was to generate a passive $700+ a month with Amazon within 1 year. Ticked that off 🙂

Not so ambitious goals you might say lol?

I whole heartedly agree and they certainly were designed to permit me to acheive a revenue flow, to help me to remain determined and also to make $$ whilst still skilling up as time and commitments allowed.

Pressure level set to 60 instead of one twenty.

Creativity flows, learning is easier.

Method in my madness? Absolutely

Makes Sense?

Here is one thing I discovered really quickly on my on line journey….

And it’s something I feel is really important to share…

The promises of immediate income without learning new skills, putting in some effort, monitoring outcomes and only push an icon are there only to draw $$ from beginners and fill the PayPal accounts of BS artists.

Not Cool Guru Fool!!!

Listen guys, there’s tons of $$ too be made on the internet, and all it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.

That’s all 😉

Come on, we got this, lets make some of money PRONTO