How to Make OVER $100 A DAY on YouTube (4 EASY Steps)

When you are just starting out online then $100 a day is something worth shooting for and can be attained pretty damn quick when using the right approach.

If you ain’t too camera shy, and even if you are there are super simple workarounds, then YouTube is a golden opportunity to start grabbing some of the $$$ up for grabs on t’web (sorry, I’m a Brit)

Check this video out (I think it is sooo simple and effective that anyone can put it into money making gear in a matter of hours if not sooner)

Let me know what you think guys…

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This is the ugly truth guys and girls…

It’s easy yammering about making money online, but the truth is that most people don’t come up with a single dime online.

I’ve got stacks of web buddies who are doing pretty good and I likewise have lots of internet marketing buddys who haven’t made anything at all online.

So what’s the key differentiator between the successful and the significantly less successful?

Ongoing motivation in my humble opinion

But, there’s an issue…

For many motivation needs to be fed and the best way that we can feed this little mental cutie is to give it some real successes.

Bite sized wins

Simple and manageable assignments

Fast outcomes

The easiest way to “shop for this” motivational tidbits is to take action by carrying out a predefined path that has virtually guaranteed results.

Not convinced? Consider this for a minute…

When you have learnt a new way of doing something you will have started off with some simple steps and routines to get some quick measurable results that allowed you to move through from no skills to a limited range of skills…but these subsequently gave you confidence to move forwards and continue building on this skill base until you became comfortable with your new skills.

MMO (making money online) is no different…

You require fast and tangible solutions in order to stay the course

This is why I always recommend that beginners start of with a simple plan to earn between $10-$100 a day.

Why the big spread in Dollar target value?

Because we are all starting off from different skill levels and with different time commitments.

You might have only 30 minutes a day that you can commit to earn money online, while another person may have all day available.

So, all things being equal, the more time you can devote to having your online projects up and running the actual quicker you will earn your income goals.

Make sense? Cool!

So here’s what we need to do;

Go thru this sites $100 a day videos

Choose a method that makes sense to you

Devote your time along with resources to this one method for 30 days

Earn your money

Repeat over again until you have the income you are looking for or just fancy swapping to something new (you will discover that virtually all of the methods I would recommend are set and forget methods. Once setup they will continue to bring in moolah month after month without any extra input apart from the unexpected update)
Go earn some money guys 😉

That being said…

Gee Whizz, long time no see, how the heck have you been doing?

Glad you are here and the fact that You’re HERE, then it is a, to me anyways, pretty clear hint that you are thinking about making some money online, whether it’s as a side biz or as a number one money stream to bin that job.

That is where I I found myself not too long ago.

It was the 15th of February 2015 to be precise.

I had seen of ordinary, of everyday guys and girls making easy income on the web and thought to myself

well my job sucks, my prospects weren’t eactly looking too good and I desperately needed an improved life for my kiddies and me, so I had better get my a** in gear do something about the way things were……….. ASAP.

Without over thinking I jumped in to the internet marketing world, while still working for the man, and soon myself lost in the labyrinth of net marketing.

In the natural world buzzards gather around the new born!

The Internet marketing world is no different lol

All the predators just waiting to swoop down on the latest shiny rookie, e.g., me lol.

And they did swoop!

So after buying numerous shiny objects and training (that did not make good on the promise), I realized that I needed to step straight back and think about what it absolutely was that I ultimately needed to accomplish and when I needed to achieve that by….an end goal.

I wasn’t normally someone for setting obvious goals as I feel that they may put an excessive amount of pressure in to a situation specially when you don’t know the territory that you will soon be working, in this case, internet marketing.

It’s like simply stating I want more income, more achievement, more popularity, yakety yak, yakety yak, without having a clue HOW this is going to come about.

Without some wizard sourcerer or a $$ atracting spell I needed more than just day dreaming. That has not worked for me in the past and wasn’t gonna work now.


I needed to define exactly what the heck this goal was going be and how I was going to make it happen….
I needed an simple and straightforward plan

Sounded a bit open to me ;-), but keep with me here and I will describe how this little X by Y to get to Z helped me get a clear focus, build a road map, to get hold of skill set and strategies required so that I possibly, no probably, could reach my goal.

So, did my cunning plan work?

Affirmitive soldier…

My original aim was to become an Amazon associate and make a residual $150+ monthly within 3 months. Ticked that off 🙂

My next target was to make a residual $350+ monthly with Amazon within 6 months. Ticked that off 🙂

My next target was to earn a residual $700+ per month with Amazon within 1 year. Done 🙂

Not too ambitious goals you might say lol?

I totally agree lol and they were made to permit me to acheive a income stream, to help me stay encouraged and also to make while still skilling up as time and commitments allowed.

Pressure level dialled in at sixty opposed to one twenty.

Results come in, learning becomes natural.

Method in my madness? Definately

Cool huh?

Here’s something I realized very quickly in my own online journey….

And it’s something I feel is really important to share…

The promises of overnight income without any developing your abilities, rolling up your sleeves, monitoring outcomes and just click an icon exist only to draw $$ from noobs and fill the bank accounts of BS gooroo’s.

Bad Karma Baby!!!

Listen peeps, there is lots of money too be made on the net, and all it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.

That’s all 😉

Come on, you can do this, lets make some of cash NOW!