On my journey to learn how to make money online I come across some stuff that I find useful and think you might find useful. These are my Internet Marketing Beginners ABC’s.

This useful stuff might be websites, videos or software. Most of them are free to access and serve a useful purpose for us internet marketers.

They are listed in no particular order, but please have a scan and if something floats your boat then jump on the link or apply the tip đŸ™‚


Files all over the place? Using different devices to go on the web? 

Organize your blog with Dropbox for free – I have been using this for a while and I find it indispensable. Often I use different laptops, tablets and smart phones to access and post to my website. With this free service I can keep all my files online and am able to access them from any internet enabled device whether I am sat on a computer, working on a tablet or on the bus using my smart phone! The ability to organize your blog is an absolute must for anyone serious about blog writing and making money online so don’t miss out on this free offer and click here.


What to do when blogging  inspiration hits?

Create quality content is the answer! And for posting on the go WordPress for android jumps to mind. Wherever and whenever blogging  inspiration hits there is no need to fire up your computer, just reach for your tablet or smart phone and work directly on your blog. The software does have some limitations, but for casual use it may be fine check out my brief review here. Download WordPress for android here.


Speeling and granma a blogging prblem?

Then use the built-in WordPress spelling and grammar pre-post tool. Here’s how to enable it. Go to Dashboard > Users > Edit > in the profile settings you will see an option to proof read posts, click on this to enable this feature. Spending just 1 minutes to enable WordPress spelling and grammar checking tool that, if you anything like me, will save you hours on rewrites caused by typos and grammar fluffs. Simply write your post, click update and then a message will pop up asking you whether you want to check the spelling and grammar. If you click cancel then the checker will do it’s stuff and offer suggestions for correction. Simple and easy.


Lost in Google?

Google page ranking tool. This fab little piece of software takes your chosen keywords and then analysis’ Google to quickly determine where about your page is on Google. Although you can easily get lost in Google and it’s analytics it is nice to know where you are ranking and how any changes you make are affecting your ranking and this Google page ranking tool does the job quickly and simply. Great for the need to know crowd and really efficient, although limited searches on a daily basis. Check it out here.

Well it’s just about my sign off time so going to go, but please call back often as this list will be expanded on a regular basis as I have lots to add.


Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil đŸ™‚

PS Please let me know if you found this post helpful and if you have additional and fantastic resources that you would like to add then please leave a friendly comment đŸ™‚

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