Learn How To Make Money Online – Slow Down To Become Faster!


Want to learn how to make money online?

Want to learn how to make money online fast?

Here is what I have learnt so far and my eagerness has brought me some early success.

I have succeeded in discovering several what not to do’s;

  • Getting lost at sea, well at lake, lost in largish pond?…okay, okay! Getting lost in a small puddle of sites. I started off with the two free sites. Then I fell prey to the Shiny New Niche Syndrome (SNNS) and have ended up with my 2 free sites and 7, yes 7, other sites! OMG total Keerrrchng £57.00. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!!! So I went back to the drawing board tonight and decided to focus solely, absolutely and without exception on finding the best way to make money online and develop the necessary skill set.
  • Spreading myself too thin. Trying to cover 1 site is more than enough work for a beginner and anymore, well for me, is just plain silly and makes things very complicated with finding keywords for each site, Google+, Google authorship, Google, Bing, Yahoo indexing etc for each site. Focus on one site and make it as good as you can!
  • Focusing on fluff. Early in my training I spent several hours of my learning time learning how to create a high quality, informative and engaging info-graphic for my a relatively small post. How I tried, oh how i tried. What I ended up with was something of less impact than my FOUR YEAR OLD daughter could have conjured up in less than 5 minutes! So whilst visuals are good I think that quality content supplemented with stock graphics are the way to go for the time being.
  • Making notes. Yes and thank you Professor Itolduso,  I know, I know, but my eagerness overrode good sense and has cost time rather than saved it! I’ve Decided to go over all training from the very beginning and make hand drawn mind maps of my key learning points which I will then use as top-level overviews when developing niches, keywords and content.

So back to the drawing board with a much clearer sense of what needs to be done and with a great feeling of pride in my successes to date LOL.


Till next time

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil 🙂

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