Learn How To Make Money Online

After a short semi-break in Tanzania my online journey continues as I learn how to make money online.

Before my break I had one focus and it was “I want to make money online”.

This in itself is not a bad thing and I suspect you are wanting to do the same if you are reading this article


Time away has allowed me to reflect on a couple of issues and some very basic things that I had forgotten!!!!

The key activity and primary goal of starting an online business is to create a customer.

Customers provide profits.

Without profits you do not have a viable business.

Peter Drucker, world renowned and famous Management Guru, states that business has two primary functions and these are marketing and innovation.

Drucker states that marketing and innovation produce profit whilst all other activities produce cost!

Or to put it another more sobering way…..

….if your marketing and innovation activities do not produce more resources than your other business activities consume then your business will fail!

When phrased in such stark terms we should realize just how critical effective marketing and innovation are to our success.

So what does that mean to us striving to start an online business?

It means that before we do anything we must identify and understand our proposed marketplace, our target customers/ consumers, (they may not be the same), and what problems these targets need help solving.

In essence we need a road map from A to B.

Point A being our starting point, that is we have a desire to start and run a profitable business. Point B being our planned outcome, this being a profitable business. The gap between points A and B and the activities we undertake dictating our outcome.

Essentially, I have taken a couple of wrong turns in getting from A to B.

My “start an online business” SatNav was leading me to the wrong destination.

This is not a problem, but rather a learning exercise in planning, focus and execution.

So, until the next time,

Take it easy and be kind to yourself


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