Here’s a quick and dirty make money online scam test I designed to weed out dubious business opportunities and rip offs.

The usual make money online scam follows a highly predictable format and therefore is quite easy to identify with my quick question and answer check list.

As a rule of thumb before you spend money on an online business opportunity ask yourself “Is this a scam”?

This simple and quick list will quickly help you answer this question and potentially save you much wasted time, effort and potentially thousands!

It’s easy to run through the scam list checker.

Simply ask the following questions of your intended opportunity and score your answers with either 0 or 1.

If you answer No to a question then give it a score of 0 and if  you answer Yes to a question then give it a score of 1;

Okay, here’s 10 simple questions you need to ask of any opportunity….

  • Do the people promoting the opportunity show you trophy cars, trophy homes and trophy partners?
  • Do the people promoting the opportunity tell you how the new, secret, unseen, only for the select few, time limited opportunity will make you $100’s or $1000’s even when you sleep without doing any work?
  • Do the people promoting the opportunity tell you anyone can make money with their system without even trying?
  • Do the people promoting the opportunity fail to tell you exactly what the opportunity is?
  • Do the people promoting the opportunity fail to offer a free trial or money back guarantee?
  • Do the people promoting the opportunity keep referring to the same few success stories?
  • When you Google the opportunity do find a huge list of people praising just how the opportunity, still undefined and secret, has made them wealthy and all you have to do to get your share of the wealth is to join now! while there’s still time, before it’s too late, before the offer ends, before the price goes up, before membership is full up, yakety yak, yakety yak?
  • If and when you opt in to their email list do you get bombarded with offers from them and other people offering related opportunities?
  • If and when you actually buy your 1st product is it cheap, but doesn’t actually offer much in the way of concrete “How to’s”? But, for a very limited time, you can invest in next level in the opportunity, the up-sell, which is just what you need if you are actually serious about making money online? Is the up-sell called something like the  “Inner circle”? “Master mind group”? “Professional earners club?

Okay, the questions and the hard bit is done!

Now, simply add together the scores to the above 10 questions to arrive at the opportunities scam rating.

Total scam rating score

0-8 Be very, very, very careful! It is easy to waste lots of time, money and energy pursuing scams.

9-10 Put your credit card away, congratulate yourself on spotting the scam and then find a real opportunity in which to invest your time, money and energy.

And in the meantime watch Chico and Groucho demonstrate a classic scam up-sell….

Lol, I love that clip which was made many, many years ago.


Are the scams we encounter today that much different?

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

In the meantime

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil 🙂


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