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Thought it might be useful to put together a dictionary of online marketing terms. This is my own take on what the terms mean so if you have any other definitions, polite ones please as I am of a delicate disposition, please add them in the comments section below. I will include them as time goes on.


Someone who makes a commission from promoting sales of another person products. E.g. the affiliate gets paid when a product promoted is bought.


a unique name and address for a website for example I bought train2gain.pro and it is mine to do with as I please and I own any content that the site carries.


How not to lose your shirt on the web. VERY IMPORTANT. A budget also helps you to focus on the necessary to have rather than the nice to have.


Shiny new niche syndrome. See budget!

Wealthy Affiliate

The newbies guide, friend and mentor when learning how to make money online.


A social media platform owned by Google that links up your various blogs, sites, friends, interests into one centralized resource. By joining this and including it on your online activities you can quickly and efficiently promote your endeavors. I will be exploring and reporting on this resource later on in my journey.


The key to any successful online business. You must have people seeing to your online activities if you want to make money. Kind of obvious, but something to bare in mind whilst developing your content.


Took me a while to get my head around this. A keyword is the a word or phase that someone inputs into a search engine when they are looking to find something on the web.

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