Welcome to my real-time, real world and real “hands on” exploration of starting an online business and learning how to make money online.

I am starting off with very little knowledge, but with an open mind, a decent mentor and a flair for attempting the unusual :-).

Hence the title of this site, the beginners guide to making money online.

So here’s an outline sketch of what I plan to do;

  • Put up a web log, blog, to chart my progress on a frequent basis.
    • What I’ve learnt and what I’ve done with the learning and why.
    • What worked as planned and what went pear-shaped.
  • Start and maintain a living dictionary of online marketing terms.
  • Create how to guides on what I found useful.
  • Keep a track of any spending, hopefully very little as I am skint, and publish.
  • Work around 3ish hours per night learning and applying new skills. This may not be possible with trying to earn a living and looking after family 😉
  • Highlight any potential scams I come across. In my initial research I was overwhelmed, taken in and left dejected by many of them 🙁
  • Attempt to identify the “golden rules” of successfully making money online.
  • Put up and regularly update a video summary of that whats been done, probably on YouTube.com. Not sure about how to get a channel at the moment, but if you search for ” the beginners guide to making money online with Phil” you should find me. I will be doing the email, twitter and Facebook subscriber things when I find out how to do the bloody things! Lol

So that’s the plan as it stands.

Please come along and enjoy the ride. It might be a bit bumpy with some wrong turns and we may get lost sometimes, but it will be fun, hopefully informative and ultimately we should get to our respective destinations of making money online.

So lets get on with it……..

Take it easy and be kind to yourself

Phil 🙂

PS This is a living experiment and as time goes on things that seemed right at one point in time may not, probably will not, be right as my learning and skill base increase. This is a real benefit to us all as it demonstrates that our journey is producing positive results 😉

PPS Please share my site with friends, family and friendly looking nutcases 😉

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